Nascar racers Kenny Wallace and Clint Bowyer hit the dragstrip to launch a Pro Stock car. "Its really an incredible feeling when the cars really starting to bite and the horsepower is really starting to lay into it. When it starts to really take a bite the car squats and she really wants to go. You know youre talking double the horsepower that youre used to and triple the traction. Its a pretty good hot rod." - NASCAR racer Clint Bowyer

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NHRA's Antron Brown goes for ride with NASCAR's Martin Truex Jr.
NASCAR driver Martin Truex Jr. takes NHRA drag racer Antron Brown around Charlotte Motor Speedway

Martin Truex Jr. in Antron Brown's dragster
NASCAR driver Martin Truex Jr. takes Antron Brown's NHRA dragster for a couple of trips down ZMax Dragway near Charlotte, N.C.

Death of Pro Stock? (as we know it)
NHRA is making major changes in Pro Stock. Soon they will be running electronic fuel injection (removing carburetors) & limiting peak rpm. (to name a couple of these changes) I'm very curious what the class will be like in the near future.

Inside the Transmission of an NHRA Pro-Stock
Gray Motorsports gives a quick run down on the Liberty 5speed found in their ProStock cars, via Team Valvoline. Check out TeamValvoline.com for more great content.