Tony's Dashcam - Drag Racing - Vauxhall Corsa vs VW Golf #200

Drag Racing between Vauxhall Cosa & VW Golf at Mulbarton Common, Norfolk. With a difference. Please be aware - This is not to be taken seriously, is not a real drag racing and it's just a bit of fun of what I saw on that day. And yes, the Corsa is driving on the wrong side of the road... Note: Voices were made using Text to Speech on my computer and is not copyrighted at all. Read the FAQ - Like Tony's Dashcam Video on Facebook - Follow Tony's Dashcam Video on Twitter -

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Dashcam Racing through the mountain bends
Dashcam Racing through the mountain bends

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Norwich UK Dashcam: driving observations (27 June '15).
I've just realised that it's been a year now since I've had my dashcam! So a few months ago I moved digs to be closer to work. Result = 10 minute walk compared to the 25 minute commute by car (on good days), where some of you may have heard me rant and rave on past videos! As I now use my car mostly at weekends, I witness fewer incidents worth uploading. On a similar note, I have also cut down on my caffeine intake and I feel calmer as a person. Got me thinking: could it be all these fancy coffees and 'high energy' drinks (like the one that owns a Formula 1 team) play apart in such poor driving? I think it does to an extent. This video isn't a 'bad driving' compilation, just a few observations and irritations as I try and retain as much sanity as I can on Norfolk's roads. The dashcam itself doesn't like warm weather, hence the blurriness. Hope you enjoy!