12 second Chevy Truck sleeper

This full size Chevy truck is a real sleeper. Probably could have run 11's. This was at Pacific Raceways.

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10 second 427 Ranger
My brother racing his '83 Ranger. Small block on pump gas, full steel body, street legal, and not tuned yet.

240SX with VQ35DE swap
One of the only 240SX's with a VQ35 swap in the Northwest drag races and nearly does 12's.

Chevrolet Astro racing on Enthusia
Racing a Chevrolet Astro Van on the PS2 game Enthusia.

1997 S10 SS Flowmaster Super 40
Stock manifolds, custom 2" y-pipe, stock cat and mid pipe, Flowmaster Super 40 Muffler, single 2.5" piping after muffler, 3" stainless steel tip.