Dodge Challenger Released!!!

Got a new HEMI powered Challenger? Vortech has a supercharging system for you... Log onto NOW!

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SRT-8 Challanger 6.1L Supercharger Install
this is a srt8 challenger that i build a cuple of months ago. it came out really nice and no problems so far. it was a fun build. fun test drive too.

Vortech supercharged dodge challenger 543whp
This is a CHT built car.. runs my manifold.. some GTP heads.. and a v3 vortech kit 8psi.. tune.. car has a few other mods as well.. like stickers.. and halos.. ;-)

2009 Vortech Supercharged Challenger SRT8
Some rolling footage of my Challenger in and around the Provo, Utah area. The car has a Vortech V3 Supercharger, MBRP catback Exhaust and Hotchkis suspension.

How To: Vortech V-3 Supercharger Oil Change
***IMPORTANT NOTES*** 1. Never put more than 4oz (one bottle) of the Vortech V-3 oil in the Supercharger. Overfilling the Supercharger will result in Supercharger bearing failure. 2. Make sure the oil drain line is free of any major kinks or bends. The oil needs to be able to drain from the Supercharger as smoothly as possible. The first fluid change in your V-3 Supercharger should be done at 2,500 miles, with each subsequent fluid change at 7,500 mile increments. In this "How-To" video, we teach you how to properly change the oil in your Vortech V-3 Supercharger unit. This same method also applies to our Paxton SL series Superchargers. Be sure to check back soon for more tech videos!