Bushur Mitsubishi Evo turbo drag racing: SLORICE 2011

http://thursdaynightlightz2011.blogspot.com/ Bushur built Mitsubishi Lancer Evo turbo drag racing; SLORICE drag racing Movie Compilation 2011, created by Wyldfantasies Media Studios. All of this footage of this vehicle compiled in this drag racing video all came from "Thursday Night Lightz" event at Edgewater drag strip 2011. This is Pinks style grudge racing with the clocks off, a fun element for the drag racers involved. Check out my channel for more drag racing video from this event and more! http://www.youtube.com/wyldfantasiesraw

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Mercedes Benz E63 AMG vs Mitsubishi Lancer Evo 6 TME
The AMG has tuned ECU and the Evo VI Tommi Makinen Edition has 2.0 forged engine, gt35r @1.7 bar, about 550 BHP El AMG tiene chip y el Evo VI Tommi Makinen Edition tiene motor 2.0 forjado, gt35r@1.7 bar y cerca de 550 BHP. Hope you like it Rate and comment THANKS FOR WATCHING! On Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Cars-Tuning/190413530994478

Midnight Money street cars drag racing SW Ohio 2017
$100 gets you in! Straight off the Trailer no test passes off the Flashlight! Which of the 12 cars is going to make some money after midnight? Hoodrat sh*t at its finest straight of of South West Ohio, late summer 2017, this one is for the fans;) INTRO MUSIC: "Extinction Level Event" as found in the YouTube Creative Commons Library, available Royalty Free fir anyone to use, found on this channel here: http://goo.gl/YmnOAx No call outs to effect match ups, everyone draws cards. One black and one red of each, Ace, King, Queen, Jack, 10, 9 and the 9's go first. Cross the center line while in front you are out. These races are all eight mile. Some of the cars featured in this video can be identified, but with half the field a Foxbody Mustang of some type, many of these cars have unknown engine combinations. #CORNBREAD the Yellow Mustang Gt is called Cornbread and it is a supercharged combination. #BOSTONGEORGE is the multi colored red notchback Mustang with the skull on the hood, with Hoosier drag slicks, and a Nitrous engine combination. This car went to the Final 3. The Third Gen F-body in the first race that crossed the center taking himself out, is a turbo SBC combination. The Maroon Foxbody on Hoosiers came with the Louisville guys and I think was a Nitrous car. #EVIL86 is a turbocharged engine combination in the four eyed Charcoal colored 1986 Mustang Gt. The Blue First Gen Camaro sounded to me like a SBC with probably twice the amount of spray on it than he was saying he had in the video;) This car went to the Final 3 and I think he was with the guys from Louisville. The Malibu was a big tire car, seemed pretty fast but he crossed the center line in his race, putting himself out. The Black Nitrous Nova from Louisville was the biggest controversy from the very beginning, and was one of the few cars on big tires allowed in the dozen. This car had wheelie bars and his pass was ruled a jump/redlight after multiple video reviews on the spot, the final call being his launch was so perfect because his car was in motion/moving before the light came on. In my opinion this video supports the call made on the spot. It may be hard to go frame by frame here on YouTube but I have checked it frame by frame on the editing software while creating this video and one frame before the headlamp flashlight lights up, the Black Nova is already moving and the Nitrous Chevrolet muscle car puts himself out as well. After 2 full hours of owning the streets, the eventual arrival of the local Constable ended the night early, asking us politely to pack up and go home. We played it safe and called it a night with only two rounds left, and three winners at the Final call taking $400 home each at around 4am in the morning. Besides the channels I run here on YouTube the only social media you can find me on these days is right here only: Instagram.com/ariesxecutioner Thanks for watching, we will make more videos like this in the future if you guys like them!

Switzer GTR R900 vs 800 HP Mitsubishi Evo - Drag Race Video - Road Test TV
http:///www.RoadTestTV.com A Switzer R900 Nissan GT-R takes on a modified Mitsubishi Evo with a built 2.0 Liter engine and an FP Black turbo at the February 2012 http://www.StreetCarDrags.com Event at Palm Beach International Raceway.

Blue T-rex