Majestic Motorsports TX2k11 - LMP

Majestic ran an 8.55 @ 173 mph.

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Big Turbo Toyota Supra Test Run
Majestic Motorsports Boosted 2JZ had some problems that day but still rolled into 10's, Phantasm, Rockingham NC Dragway Apr 14, 2014

Majestic Motorsports 8.16 pass at TX2K12. Many angles!
Majestic Motorsports best pass of the day. I believe they placed 2nd overall and has nice consistent runs. Congrats the the crew!

Corvette Crash - LMP - TX2k11
For all of those who didnt see it.

Drag Racing at Wisconsin International Raceway Tech Inspection and Practice Day 2017
This is a video I took on Saturday April 22nd 2017 of the Tech Inspection and practice drag racing day at Wisconsin International Raceway in Kaukauna, Wisconsin. This is basically the opening day of the drag strip and isn't really a race day but just people taking the cars out for the first time after a long winter. The weather was awesome (60 degrees) and so a ton of people came out for this event. Most years it is either super cold yet or still snowing a bit around this time, so the nice weather was a welcoming change.