The Mechanic - Italian car chase

Check out my car styling blog: Arthur Bishop (Charles Bronson) & Steve McKenna (Jan-Michael Vincent, Bishops new hit-man apprentice) take on a home based mafia hit job located on the Italian coast. They try to make their get away along the mountainous and twisty roads and encounter LOTS of resistance. They try and fight their way through the situation with the help of pump action guns, great driveing and earth moving equipment. Short and sweet car chase towards the end of the film...

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Jade Car Chase (1996) HD
Car chase from the 1996 film Jade set in San Francisco. Prepare yourself for some of the most ludicrous car jumps in movie history.

Equipe Remy Julienne CAR CHASE in "Burglars" ("Le Casse") - '71
You've seen the car-chases in "Robbery", "Bullitt" and "The French Connection" - now check THIS out. Remy and his chums are best known for supplying the vehicular mayhem for "The Italian Job" and several Bonds - but they were STARS in Europe. As here, Remy preferred to use the Fiat 124/5 when possible - for it's inherent INSTABILITY. Today, they are still made (with thicker metal) as Ladas! This Euro-pudding features Jean-Paul Belmondo and Omar Sharif - "Cairo Fred" to his friends! Footnotes: When "Burglars" ("Le Casse") was filmed, all the dialogue scenes were shot twice - once in French and then again in English (by the same actors). And Remy still lives - he's currently 79 - and just three years ago, he worked as stunt coordinator on the car scenes in "The Da Vinci Code" that were shot in Paris. The man's unstoppable!

The California Kid car chase scene 1974

Inseguimento - Liberi, armati, pericolosi (poliziesco 1976)
Questo è il principale inseguimento automobilistico di questo interessante ed inusuale film poliziesco italiano; inusuale perchè, invece della classica trama "poliziotti vs organizzazioni criminali", il film è focalizzato su un terzetto di amorali e cinici giovani smaniosi di guadagnare abbastanza denaro da vivere alla grande. Questi tre giovani diventano criminali senza scrupoli dopo che il loro leader, durante una rapina ad un distributore, comincia una sparatoria ed uccide alcune persone. Così essi rapiscono una ragazza (la fidanzata di uno di loro) e la costringono ad accompagnarli durante la loro disperata fuga, mentre la Polizia è sulle loro tracce e tenta di acciuffarli. in questa scena, i giovani rubano una Ford Taunus 20M P7a ma il proprietario dell' auto avvisa la Polizia e così, in breve tempo, due Alfa Romeo Giulia della Polizia intercettano la Ford. This is the main car chase of this interesting and unusual italian police movie; unusual because, instead of the classic "cops vs criminal organizations" plot, the movie is focused on a trio of amoral and cynic youths eager to earn enough money to live the high life. These three young men become ruthless criminals after their leader, during a robbery in a gas station, starts a gunfight and kills some people. So they kidnap a girl (girlfriend of one of them) and force her to accompany them during their desperate getaway, while the Police is on their trail and tries to nab them. In this scene, the youths steal a Ford Taunus 20M P7a but the owner of the car adverts the Police and so, in short time, two Alfa Romeo Giulia of the Police intercept the Ford.