The Mechanic - Italian car chase

Check out my car styling blog: Arthur Bishop (Charles Bronson) & Steve McKenna (Jan-Michael Vincent, Bishops new hit-man apprentice) take on a home based mafia hit job located on the Italian coast. They try to make their get away along the mountainous and twisty roads and encounter LOTS of resistance. They try and fight their way through the situation with the help of pump action guns, great driveing and earth moving equipment. Short and sweet car chase towards the end of the film...

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The China Syndrome (1979) - Car Chase
Car chase from the 1979 film "The China Syndrome", with Jane Fonda, Jack Lemmon, and Michael Douglas (who is also the producer). Copyright (c) Sony Pictures Movies & Shows

Mustang GT Car Chase "Città violenta (Violent city)"1970
Charles Bronson,Jill Ireland , A filmed by Sergio Sllima "Città violenta"Violent city(1970) inspires by Jean Pierre Melville's Samourai(Samurai).

Charles Bronson im legendären Opel Commodore A GS/E
Aus dem Action-Film "Kalter Schweiß" bzw. "Cold Sweat": 1970er Opel Commodore A GS/E im Maximaleinsatz, pilotiert von Charles Bronson der als begeisterter Privatrennfahrer sogar für die Filmaufnahmen auf ein Stunt Double verzichtete, wie einstmals Steve MCQueen in Bullit. Übrigens der Opel Commodore A GSE war in den 70ern einer der besten und schnellsten Großserien-GTs die gebaut wurden, fast so etwas wie ein Deutscher Volks-Aston Martin.

Thunderbolt & Lightfoot - 1st Car Chase & Crazy Redneck 'n Rabbit Car Ride
Check out my car styling blog: Red and Goody lie in wait for T & L outside a diner, fire off some welcoming rounds and give chase. Lightfoot looses Goody's tough old Merc in the hills, but trashes the Riv's tranny. Later, on foot, they manage to hitch a ride from a insane redneck who likes huffing Mopar Exhaust fumes. They survive the wild ride and a rollover to find the rednecks glass jaw and his boot full of hares. Lightfoot finds a going away gift from a raccoon.