Surprising Dad With 350Z Read Description First

My dad has terminal cancer and his dream car is a 350z, and so this is the video of him seeing that dream come true! A local dealership here in Knoxville Tennessee helped make all this happen! Mike Mencer at Ole Ben Franklin Motors on Kingston Pike, my family and I want to thank you personally for helping make this dream a reality! We will never be able to repay you! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts! *** Just to update everyone who would like to dad passed away from his illness on February 7th 2009 at 1:20PM. Thank you all for commenting on the video...he was so excited to see that people liked his car. If you didn't have the pleasure to meet this man I am attaching a web address so you can see who he was and why we loved doing something good for him for a change. Again Thank you. Search for his name " Joel Haley " please feel free to sign his guestbook on his website...please try to keep it clean. :-) Thank you all. ALSO check out this website that shows how we brought it back to perfect condition after he had been gone for a year.*warning-rated-omg-*-2004-black-350z-full-detail-touch-up.html

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2010 Camaro SS Birthday Surprise
May 2013 - Shane is now graduating from high school and the car remains in excellent condition. You might also be surprised to learn that he still hasn't gotten any tickets. We're very proud of the responsible young man he has become... Apr 2012 -- Well, Shane is now 17 and after 23,000 miles I'm happy to report that he still hasn't had any accidents or tickets. He'll be a senior next year and he's considering a career in automotive design. We'll be posting an update video soon!! Jan 2011 -- Shane has recently turned 16 and put more than 4,000 miles on the car without ANY incidents. He takes outstanding care of the vehicle and has grown to become a very responsible and mature teenager. Feb 2010 -- My wife and I ordered a 2010 Chevrolet Camaro SS as a surprise birthday gift for our fifteen year old son. This was a complete surprise and he had absolutely no idea that the car was his. On another note, I appreciate everyone's concern for his well-being, however I think it is more responsible for a parent to teach a teenager how to drive than to pretend that they're not going to drive fast. The car is not the danger; an inexperienced driver is usually what causes injury or death, regardless of their age.

Gave My Girlfriend a Lamborghini BirthDay - LAMBOUBOUDAY
On a beautiful birthday , i went to pick up my girlfriend , and brought her a crazy gift surprise ! a Lamborghini ! a dream gift even her couldnt imagine the reality of it ! a day driving the amazing sport car ! longtime ago i promise her that , today i deliver that promise and put it for her birthday surprise gift ! boubou , i love you so much :D again... its no more a dream , its now become real :)

Son Buys Mother A Car For Mother's Day 2014
Bradon masterfully surprises his Mom with a sweet gift for Mother's Day 2014 For licensing/usage please contact: licensing(at)jukinmediadotcom

Dad's Surprise Father's Day Present
My Grandpa had a 1948 Whizzer Motorbike when my Dad was a kid. He loved riding it. After my Grandpa died when my Dad was 13, Grandma got rid of the bike. Dad often brings it up, and is very sentimental about it. My husband and I got him the same exact model for Father's Day. This was my Dad's reaction to the bike. This is for all of my friends who wanted to see his reaction. :)