1999 Mercury Cougar - Alternator Problem

New problem with my cougar. Either the alternator or the IMRC. Hope I can figure it out.

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Changing alternator on 99 Mercury cougar with a 2.5 L
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01 or 02 Cougar alternator remova
This is for the 2.5 V6 alternator removal. I couldn't find any videos when I took this one out. Hope it helps some one.

1999 cougar problems
did a smoke test and it came out of my spark plug well

1999 Mercury Cougar V6 uncontrolled acceleration
Here is the strange problem that has plagued my car for a while now. I have replaced the IACV and TPS and it didn't fix it. EDIT 2: The problem ended up being the TPS wiring rubbing on the water pump belt. Fixed the frayed wiring and moved it, and it never did this again. EDIT: I believe I found the problem. One of the bolts holding the EGR to the UIM was broken off, and was allowing a vacuum leak around the EGR where it wasn't sealed down tight. I've got a new UIM coming, and will update if that fixes my problem!