Cummins VS. Duramax

Dodge Ram taking on 2 GMC beat one lost to the other PS Love all the comments you guys make on who's dick is bigger...

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Duramax 2500 vs. Cummins 2500
My bros Dodge vs my friends Dmax. I have a 6.0 Ford. * We know there is a difference in years, power, and traction. We did this as just something fun to do in spare time. Quit bitching about whats wrong with it. It was never supposed to be the last word on which is better. What were you expecting?

Chevy vs. Ford
Truck pull!!! 2003 F350 w/ a 7.3 vs 2005 Chevy Silverado 2500. Chevy cleared more ground, but broke an axle in the last round. More to come when all repairs are made =)

Duramax vs Cummins
Crew cab duallie Duramax vs. crew cab Cummins. both mid 12 seconds trucks.... very close at the end... Duramax was about a half truck length ahead.

Dodge Cummins vs Chevy truck goes WAY too far
Self explanatory competition of a Chevy truck vs. a Cummins diesel. You can hear the Chevy guy's girlfriend, "What the fuck?!" That's fucked up" and she sounds pissed. At the end, chevy guy jumps out and goes over to the Cummins "Do it again, do it again" What really happenned. There was no "Go" or start. So who knew when to go? Chevy guy had the brakes on and wanted to restart, and right off the bat, he as waiting for the Cummins guy to stop and "do it again". That didn't happen. Cummins guy thinks he's hauling ass and thinks it's funny to keep going. Half way around the parking lot, Chevy guy has had enough and actually tries to give it some gas, that's when you hear two sets of tires screeching @ 0:43, it's no use because there is too much momentum against him, so he puts on the brakes again, and keeps getting dragged right up until the Cummins comes to a stop, and he's pissed because his brakes could be f***ed.