Desert trail riding (Kx250)

SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE VIDEOS!!!!******** Please subscribe to also subscribe to Was out riding in the desert having some fun pulling some wheelies you know the usual haha Pulled a a wheelie at the end of the video ,Let me know what ya think haha Like one of my first wheelies on the Road.

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Why To Never Let a Friend Use Your Dirt bike Kx 125
Im getting alot of hate on this video haha but just clarifying a few things people have been saying. No this is not me driving it is a friend. Yes , these dirt bikes probably can easily take the damage he dished out on it but its still funny/cringe worthy to watch. Last of all when i say this is his first time on a big bike , yes 125s aren't very big bikes but he came off a Thumpstar which is half the size of this one so i refer to my 125 as a BIG BIKE. And one last thing THANK YOU ALL for the views and comments. I never thought this video would reach 1m views, crazy to think that it it. Please dont give this video heaps of hate, Im not intending for him to blow up the bike i just put it up for shits but the vid seems to be getting alot of hate and dislikes. If you HATE the sound of a 2 stroke nearly blowing up PLEASE DO NOT watch this video.

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Kx250 vs Trx450
Well First off to all my subscribers I apologize for not posting a video in so long .Here is a video of me riding today ,Just went for a ride before the rian ,and a guy on a trx450r ( I do believe correct me if I'm wrong ) and he wanted to race ! haa My handlebars even got a little shaky on some of the bumbs haha Might be good to invest in a steering stabializer xD ,Was a really cool guy ,the part where I stop and talk to him ,He is actually telling me a story about when he was out in that part of the desert and he has a young guy in a truck try to hit him on his 90's 250 ,Which is scary as fuck haha ,he then followed the guy back to his house and confronted him and he was apparently trying to show off for his Gf Lol ,Overall was a really great ride 1 ,Hope you guys enjoy! Subscribe to and to and to and to

Some new and old footage of your favorite baltimore riders. footage compliments of bmore xtreme and wilout wheelie boyz