2010 Tacoma 2.7 offroad

A quick vid of my taco with a 2.5 inch lift on 32" MTs. Since the video I've gotten a Doug Thorley catback Exhaust with DT header and Volant CAI with ram air but dont have any footage of that yet.

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2010 Tacoma 2.7 4 wheeling
3" full OME lift and 4.88 gears

Stock Tacoma on Z Turn
Stock Tacoma on Z Turn. CoTTORA 2011. Trail: Moab Rim.

2nd Gen Tacoma Taking on Hell Hole Jeep Trail
Toyota's taking on Hell Hole Jeep trail - Nov 7/8th 2015.

Toyota Tacoma acceleration: 4.0 vs 2.7
A back-to-back comparison of the two Tacomas I've owned. The 236 hp V6 has torque for any situation from idle on up. The 159 hp inline 4 has a torque peak like a Honda but still moves the truck fairly well. Both models in the video weigh approximately 4000 pounds dry. The V6 truck has 3.73 gears (only factory ratio); the I-4 has 4.10 gears (only factory ratio on 4x4 models). Both videos on flat road with the same phone camera.