Mazda 323 BG GT DOHC, Muffler (Megan Racing)+Silencer und HJS Kat

Mazda 323 BG GT DOHC, mit Megan Racing Muffler und Silencer, HJS Metall-Kat

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Mazda 323 BG GT (BP DOHC) (Protege) Serienauspuff / Stock Exhaust HJS-Kat
Hier der Seriensound meines Mazda 323 BG GT mit HJS Metall-Kat

Mazda 323F BG 0-200km/h acceleration
engine 1.8 DOHC non-turbo 1993 Jako, że pojawia się coraz więcej komentarzy sugerujących, że ten film nie jest autentyczny tutaj jest link z opisem auta i jego historią: Z drugiej strony to ciekawe jakim autem trzeba jeździć aby takie przyspieszenie auta wydawało sie nieprawdopodobne... Trabantem?

MAZDA 323 BG GT 1.9 Magnaflow Racing-Series Muffler #2
MAZDA 323 BG GT 1.9 Magnaflow Racing-Series Muffler #2

Megan Racing M-GT on Acura Integra DC2
Installed this universal muffler about a week ago and finally decided to make a video of how it sounds with and without the silencer. It is very common to see a Honda with Dynomax or Magnaflow mufflers, which is why I bought this one. I didn't wanted to be another one of the many. I was kinda nervous because I didn't know how it would sound, but it did how I expected. Deep and clear. I am 100% happy with the results of this muffler. You can feel, hear, and see the great quality of this Megan Racing product. As many say, you get what you pay for. So yes, I fully recommend this muffler. As you could see, with the silencer has a very strong sound and its good. Not too rumbling at high revs. Now, without the silencer you get the real tone. Its even stronger, has a deeper tone, and its much louder. I loved how it sounded without the silencer, but I don't wanna be calling the cops now and then. So my recommendation its to keep the silencer unless you want to really call the attention and kick ass revving your ride. ;) My Teggy has a B18B1 so yeah, you heard a non V-TEC revving like a mofo. Sounds pretty sexy. It has I/H/E only. Leave you comments bellow and thanks for watching!