2005 GTO vs. 2011 Charger R/T AWD Dig Race

SKIP to 1:50 for DIG RACE!! Ran into a 2011 Dodge Charger R/T AWD that wanted to play and ended up right next to eachother at a stop light. Never ran a new Charger R/T AWD before so we gave it a run. Got him by a few cars when I let off in 3rd. He was a good sport about it tho, "You got me good man", at about 4:15.

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GTO 6.0 vs Charger + cops
havin a friendly run with this nasty gto. i knew he would win but i did better than i thought. after the runs we did a lil cruising with another gto & charger but the fun was spoiled thanks to some dude in a kia optima.No tickets were issued all of us were let off with warnings. The 1st run was best & the second 1 you seei let off bcuz of the truck.

Black 6.0 GTO vs Charger R/T
I knew a 6.0 would beat me but he was a cool ass dude & how can you turn down a fun time. The second run his tail end got loose & he put on a nice smoke show but my brother is horrible at recording smh. race was conducted on a private road.

2005 GTO vs 2008 Charger R/T
Check out Round #2 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9OTJINkrT8A&list=UUDJdiTcnGpl3hpPFFFFB4mA&in dex=3&feature=plcp

6.0 Gto vs SRT8
three honks and we where GONE!!!!!!