SUMMERNATS 26 - Insane CRASH- Holden VL {2ANGRY}

Here we have a sad crash of a awesome VL {2ANGRY}. It was driving to the SUMMERNATS 26 in Canberra when who knows what happened in a 4 vehicle chain reaction accident... The VL ate most of it.. :( and that was one TUFF fully Built VL!

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Summernats 2013 VL Walkinshaw Commodore 2ANGRY In Car Accident At Summernats 2ANGRY VL Walkinshaw Commodore in a bad accident at 2013 Summernats in Canberra Australia. How much bad luck can one serious car enthusiast have...the history of this magnificent Walkinshaw Comoodore is right from the pages of the Worlds Most Unluckiest. This car has been stolen before, although it was located and returned, some good luck. The owner then went about this incredible transformation, as you will see at the start of this well put together video by Then keep watching as the horrific pics that follow, and the car accident that totally totalled this prime VL Walkinshaw Commodore into the length of a Mini. MUST WATCH MUST SEE!!!!

OKB H8N Smacks the Wall at Summernats 28
Summernats is held in Canberra over new years and brings together 1,800 cars for a 4 day horsepower party..

Holden Vs Ford car crash
2:30 Ford Fairmont and Holden Jackaroo enter motorway. Holden gives way to Navara already on moterway. Ford merges at same time as Holden (camera car) Ford floors it Ford hits rear bumper, rear quarter panel and keeps accelerating whilst blasting his horn. Ford turns hard left in attempted intimidation and gets pit manoeuvred. Ford is destroyed.

2ANGRY - Summernats 2013 Accident Photos
Vl Commodore '2ANGRY' involved in accident at Summernats 2013, Canberra.