Ford Interceptor SUV patrol vehicle build

A Ford Interceptor patrol vehicle with a variety equipment from Sirennet. Lights from Whelen and SoundOff, a Setina Screen, push bumper and prisoner seats, a Whelen Cencom Siren and more...

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2015 Tahoe K9 Vehicle Installation
Featuring: Whelen Liberty SX with strap kit STPKT93 Setina Pushbumper PB400VS with Fender Wraps PB5 SoundOff Tri-Color nForce ENFSSS4BRW Whelen 100 watt Speakers SA315P with Mount Bracket SAK1 SoundOff Headlight Flasher ETHFSS-SP Whelen Split Color ION/IONJ Whelen LINZ61, LINZ65 SoundOff Intersector ENT2B3R, ENT2B3B SoundOff Dual Duo nForce ENFDWS3JJ SoundOff Tail Light Flasher ETFBSSV-P Feniex Canon H-2209BW SoundOff Ghost Rocklight EGHSTS3W Whelen Vertex VTX609J Whelen 3" Red/White Dome Light 3SRCCDCR

Ford Police Car Assembly
Ford Police Interceptor Modification Center

Nissan NV3500 Prisoner Transport Vehicle Installation
Havis prisoner transport installed into a Nissan NV3500 Van with Brigade monitoring cameras. Brigade VBV-770D Color Camera Monitor System w/ two additional cameras Havis Prisoner Transport System SoundOff Intersector Mirror Mount Light; ENT2B3B, ENT2B3R SoundOff Ghost LED Mini Light; EGHST1J-12 Sirennet 150 Watt Speaker; SNSP1 Sirennet 100 Watt Remote Siren; SNSA1 whelen Perimeter Enhancement Lighting; PELCC Whelen Vertex Super-LED Hide-A-Way Light; VTX609R, VTX609B Whelen Split Vertex Super-LED Hide-A-Way Light; VTX609J Whelen Avenger Dual Linear Super-LED Dash/Deck Light; AVN2J Whelen LINZ6 Super-LED Lighthead; LINZ62, LINZ65

Dodge Charger Patrol Vehicle, Complete Install
Sirennet presents a complete installation video of a Dodge Charger patrol vehicle.