Gunnar Mikula's SRT-4 edit.

gunnars srt sitting pretty a day in down town cleveland. low quality. cry about it.

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Crash by TX2K12 ... SRT-4 Flips ... Driver goes into shock
Car crash by Tx2k12 ... SRT-4 driver flips and other drivers pull him out as he trembles ... Police and Fire dpt show up after us .... Car sits upside down with the front all smashed in !

Slammed SRT-4
Finally done with this awesome video of izzys sexy slammed srt4

[RFasanaroTV]- HellaFlush SRT4
Hey there YouTube. I accidentally deleted the original youtube video of this car with over 305,000 views by :(. Sorry quality may suffer A lot of people have been asking about it though and well here it is. I found this file on my computer that was going to be done for a stancnation feature, Hope you enjoy and sorry for the wait Shot and Edited By Rich Fasanaro Song Credit: Kanye West Home Instrumental Shot on CANON XH-A1 Edited with Final Cut Pro7 Marcos Rodriguez Valentin's 2004 SRT4

14 Shelby vs 900rwhp Shebly vs SRT4