Forza 4 Drifting On A Budget Ep1 ( 20k)

Wats going on guys so this is a new series I'm starting up on my channel and i think it will do very nice :) the game sound is a little loud but i kinda did that on purpose so it kinda makes the effect I'm actually in the car as I'm drifting and talking over the engine so i do think its nice and i hope you guys do as well :) If you guys haven't already subscribed please do so and give the video a nice LIKE :) Follow my twitter @SLAP_Train and twitch @

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Forza 4 Drifting On A Budget Ep2 (35K)
Whats going on guys so my last drifting on a budget video did really well and i thought i might as well put out another one so i hope you guys enjoy this and please leave any comments or suggestions in the comments for me :) Thanks you guys for watching and please subscribe if you already haven't Don't forget to follow my Twitter @SLAP_Train and Twitch @

Forza 4 Drifting On A Budget Ep3 (50k)
Whats going on guys today is the third episode of my Drifting on a Budget and this series has been getting some awesome reviews and feedback so please let me know if you uys have any questions please put them in the bottom :) Follow my twitter @SLAP_Train

Drifting on a Budget S2 Ep6 (1,000,000)
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Forza 4: Stanced S2000 w/ 43,000HP!!!
Thanks to impossible for the modded disk!