97 Mark VIII flowtech afterburners

Right now it is just a simple muffler exchange. More to the be added to the system later.

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1997 mark viii exhaust
Installed mufflers from a 2007 Mustang GT, the rest of Exhaust is stock.

1996 Lincoln Mark VIII No Mufflers
1996 Mark VIII No Mufflers sounds good to me comment and suvscribe to my channel i dont have any more videos yet but wiil make more soon

4.6 Crown Vic Flowtech Afterburner
2003 Crown Victoria, stock cats, H-pipe and 2 inch pipes with 2.5 inch flowtech afterburner mufflers and dumps. This Exhaust setup cost a total of $0.00. I'd rather it was not so quiet and had more bark to it but its the stock pipes and cats fault for that.

New After Burner Mufflers
New Flowtech Mufflers