97 Mark VIII flowtech afterburners

Right now it is just a simple muffler exchange. More to the be added to the system later.

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1997 mark viii exhaust
Installed mufflers from a 2007 Mustang GT, the rest of Exhaust is stock.

97 Mark VIII with true dual exhaust and cherry bomb turbo mufflers
The car is all stock, and an LSC model. I removed the third catalytic converter (yea it's a catalytic converter), and put 2 cherry bomb turbo mufflers in its place (no crossover pipe of any kind). The 2 front cats are in place and all sensors intact. It seems quieter in person, but has a nice tone. The Exhaust leak you hear is from the mufflers themselves, the seam isn't tight. There are tail pipes but no tips, the pipes just end right after they turn to go into the factory mufflers. 2 light revs, then full throttle revs to the limiter.

1996 Lincoln Mark VIII No Mufflers
1996 Mark VIII No Mufflers sounds good to me comment and suvscribe to my channel i dont have any more videos yet but wiil make more soon

Lincoln Mark VIII exhaust
Flowtech mufflers, removed resonater.