Oldsmobile Alero goes 0 - 100

All it had at this point is a Cold Air Intake...

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alero zero to speed limiter
me goin from zero to top speed limiter (in 55mph zone) :D

oldsmobile alero drift
me messing around in my car

Oldsmobile Alero Driving Around
Going to Qdoba to get some lunch. 2003 Oldsmobile Alero 3.4 V6 (3400 SFI) 100,230 Miles

Oldsmobile Alero Monza Pacesetter Exhaust Clip
Slightly better sound clip with more range of throttle on the cat back Exhaust from Pacesetter. Fitted on an Oldsmobile Alero, 3.4L V6, Cold Air intake, tuned PCM.