World's Smallest running v8 engine

Worlds smallest running v8 hand started small v8 engine.

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World smallest V12 engine Apparently the builder's name is Yesus Wilder and he only used three materials to build the engine. Stainless steel, aluminum, and bronze. All credits to him.

V8 Nitro Engine
Hand made 76cc OHC Nitro V8. 4hp @6000rpm. The builder's website is:

Lego Pneumatic Engine - simple V6
Update: build animation available on this channel now! This is a V6 configuration of my new 'simple' engine design. The engine is shown running at its max speed of approx. 800RPM at 4 bar. For this one, my main goal was to make a pretty engine, not a high performance one. Of course, beauty lies in the eye of the beholder :-) Next project: a high performance one! The base is a minutebot base, not technically a technic part. It is for sale over the internet, easy to find. More info on the parts, including tubing and connectors, in the faq on this channel's about box.

wcm pro stock 1/4 scale test run
1/4 scale Pro Stock custom built with 90cc Solo motor and quick change rear end, this was the first few runs down the track before making some changes.. Keep your eyes out for our next few videos running this car on Nitrous.