Volkswagen Beetle LT1 V8 swap street car

Volkswagen Beetle LT1 V8 swap street car Hit the link for details about where I saw this V8 swap VW Beetle

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1968 Volkswagen beetle powered by Harley Davidson engine! VW-HARLEY
This is a 1968 VW powered by a Harley Davidson EVO engine . Vw transmission 4 speed and reverse. Also included a full functional BBQ GRILL on front . Rust free solid car! Scary fast!!! Made by MOTORINK Miami Florida.

Volks Hot Rods
Hot Rods Radical Patrol

Fusca 66 V8

WTF Truck?!?! Mid-Engine Twin Turbo S10
CRAZY looking pickup with a mid engine twin turbo big block Chevy motor in it, I've never seen anything like it! Twin 76mm turbos and a 580ci chevy motor, still sorting the bugs out, should be into the 8's once it's running well