How to Check Intercooler Pump Cobalt SS or Ion Redline

Replacement: I do a quick video on how to see if you Intercooler pump is working on your Cobalt SS/SC or Ion Redline. This will take you about 2min MAX to see if its working. A non-working pump will increase your Intake Air Temperature's(IAT's), resulting in server reduction of power. When it's not working, heat soak will ruin your runs. It probably isn't working if you can just feel that after about 2 good pulls you have less power. If it's not flowing, you can attempt to hit it will a hammer a few times and it may come back to life for a little bit. It is located underneath the car, it is black and has a hose going in and one going out. A new exact replacement will cost you about $100 Thanks, Bratboy90 COMMENT, RATE, SUBSCRIBE

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