How to Check Intercooler Pump Cobalt SS or Ion Redline

Replacement: I do a quick video on how to see if you Intercooler pump is working on your Cobalt SS/SC or Ion Redline. This will take you about 2min MAX to see if its working. A non-working pump will increase your Intake Air Temperature's(IAT's), resulting in server reduction of power. When it's not working, heat soak will ruin your runs. It probably isn't working if you can just feel that after about 2 good pulls you have less power. If it's not flowing, you can attempt to hit it will a hammer a few times and it may come back to life for a little bit. It is located underneath the car, it is black and has a hose going in and one going out. A new exact replacement will cost you about $100 Thanks, Bratboy90 COMMENT, RATE, SUBSCRIBE

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Cobalt SS/SC Powercruise 2014 - Roll Racing -Super Saab - Machinima - Bratboy90
This is my 06' Cobalt SS Supercharged out at BIR in Brainerd, MN doings some roll races an drags. Had a ton of fun. Lots of great people. So excited for next year. Glad I brought the Go-Pro this year. Mods at start. The blue car I have the Go-Pro on is me driving my wifes Ion Redline. Mods at start of video as well. PM me for detailed information. #Powercruiseusa

Ion Redline Stage 3 vs Stage 2
40 roll to about 115mph. Both of us had a sharp turn up ahead. This is 3rd gear into 4th. Tied at braking. Right had slight jump, but did hit on 3rd honk on time. TIED :( Race was after about 1 hour of highway driving in 30degree temps. LEFT SIDE: 2004 Saturn Ion Redline ZZP stage 3 FMH/E Dual Pass 2.9 Pulley 60lb Injecotrs No passengers RIGHT SIDE: 2005 Saturn Ion Redline 3.1 Pulley 42lb Injectors Lucas K & N CAI ZZP Headers High-Flow Magnaflow Cat-back(CUSTOM) 3in DP to 2.5 NO COOLING MODS HORRIBLE TUNE AWFUL, 10.0AFR at WOT *PUKE* 1 passenger Thx, Bratboy90 COMMENT, RATE, SUB!!!

Relieve Tensioner Pulley Cobalt SS Using Pulleyboys Relief Tool

Ricer Blows Welds Off Intake (Crashes)
Damn ricers ruining the car scene. Like if you're anti ricer dipshits ruining it for everyone.