world most awesome burn out greg baum's 1919 willy's T

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RatRodTV Episode 9 view at
The complete RatRod Magazine "Tour Rat" build from the the first cut to the parade. Half hour special TV event. Guest host Laura Hallenberger. Including a 1957 Oshkosh Cement truck build preview and Gary Johnson's 27 Roadster.

Best Car Burnout EVER!
Best Car Burnout EVER! Courtesy of

"Rat Rod Fever"
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Hemi Burnout
This is a ridiculous car! This is a convertible, with a huge hemi. He does a mean burnout - smoking down the tires in front of the house and waking up the neighbors. This is a super hot mopar car, and yeah, it's got a Hemi...with a huge cam! It BARELY idles!