Porsche 928 GTS race day.

In a Porsche 928 GTS along side an "old school" racing driver sans fear...! Pardon the crap camera work... Looking for a new cameraman...!)))

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Porsche 928 GTS doing Derwish dancing..!
The Shark AKA Hajen takes a GTS manual for a spin...!

porsche 928 GTS 540HP Mint !!!
we are exporting special exotic cars from japan. Please let us know If you need anything from US.... JSP Trading Inc Yokohama Japan

928 GTS wipe out...
Even the golden old boys of racing miss gears at times...!))) And again... Pardon the abundant filming of my black leather dash! And not much else..!))) We love volleder... But there is a limit!))))

Porsche panemera S / BMW760Li
Alex745alejandroAli Can