Desmontadora de Neumáticos para Camiones GUBI

La manera más simple de armar y desarmar gomas de camión, gomas de colectivo, gomas del transporte en general, gomas para el agro. Desmontadora de Cubiertas de Camión MG-22.5" N (neumática). Simple, económica, diseñada especialmente para Empresas de Transporte o Pequeñas Gomerías. ENVÍOS A TODO EL PAÍS Visite nuestro sitio web - - Tel. (03472) 426818 - Marcos Juárez Cba/Arg. Desmontadora de pneus para caminhão e ônibus. Disarming for truck tires.

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Kit de montaje y desmontaje de neumáticos de camión por AforiolTyre
Tutorial de montaje y desmontaje de neumáticos de camión con el kit de palancas de AforiolTyre. Es un proceso rápido y sencillo que evitará los gastos de montaje en taller.

Mobile Tire Changer WS-561-C
The mobile tire changer model WS-561-C is easy to transport in any van allowing you to work on the go whether on the road or onsite at a customers premises. It is an electro-hydraulic unit with its own built-in generator and air compressor. Not only is it able to change tires and then air them up, but it can be used to power any 220V or 110V accessory. The operating capacity of the tire changer ranges from 13" to 27". The compact size of the mobile tire changer frees up space for other tools and equipment in the van. The machine utilizes the conventional methods of a standard tire changing unit by means of a electro-hydraulic wheel clamping device. Breaking the bead, fitting/ removal of the tire onto the rim and hydraulic tool arms are standard operations of the mobile tire changers.

SARV , CEMB -Truck Tyre Changer - CM27T.mpg
Easy to fit and remove all type of truck tubeless and tube type tyres on all types of single piece, two piece and three piece rims without damaging tyre bead.Universal machine for rim size 13" to 27" with two rotation speed of the self centering chuck

Desmontadora Portatil S&C Spa.mp4.flv