1997 - Le Mans - Jean-Marc Gounon gets tapped into a spin

Jean Marc Gounon in the #41 Gulf Team Davidoff McLaren F1 GTR gets tapped into a spin when it was overtaking Eric Bernard of the #52 DAMS Panoz Esperante GTR-1 at the first chicane with Mauro Baldi in the Konrad Porsche using his lightning reactions to avoid a collision. It caused a bit of chaos with the other cars but all of them got away with no damage though.

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1997 - Le Mans - Two major fires at the Mulsanne 'bosse.'
The works Porsche 911 GT1 was leading with a decent margin by 2pm on Sunday. Around after 1.40pm, Ralf Kelleners jumped into the Porsche after a pit stop. He would drive for an other stint, only for the Porsche to catch fire at the Mulsanne hump. The leader stops on the Mulsanne straight with the rear well alight. Kelleners jumped from the car and waved to the fire crews to quickly put out the fire. They did, but not before the back of the car was gutted (somewhat like the team) At 2.01pm, the Gulf Davidoff McLaren F1 GTR car with Andrew Gilbert-Scott (partnered by Ray Bellm and Masanori Sekiya) at the wheel had caught fire on the Mulsanne straight, the fire took hold of the rear and burnt out the engine area. This incident looked very similar to that suffered by the sister car of #40, in Thursday's qualifying when an oil line fractured.

Porsche GT1 versus McLaren F1 GTR Le Mans 1996
Great battle between the Porsche GT1 and the McLaren F1 GTR at Le Mans in 1996. Listen to the great sound of the McLaren en see the nice flames at the back site of the Porsche when the driver is changing gears

1996 - Le Mans - Pierre Petit and Stanley Dickens incidents
The #14 WR LM96 loses its front left wheel flat-out along the Mulsanne Straight. Thankfully the driver was able to slow the car down and safely. Pierre Petit's car lose its front-left wheel on the Mulsanne Straight and three-wheeled back to the pits and continued. Derek Warwick spins his #4 Courage C36 at the entry of the pitlane and was able to recover and goes into the pitlane for its routinue pit-stop. He was completing his shift. The #2 Kremer Racing K8 crashes out in a massive way and it ripped out the gearbox, rear tyres and possibly the engine out. Stanley Dickens escaped with no injuries. Fossett crashed heavily at 7:20pm whn the engine cover flew off on the super-fst run between Mulsanne and Indianapolis. Dickens was pitched into a 190mph accident, involving the barriers at both sides of the track. Mercifully the car did not flp over. The 1989 Le Mans winner emerged wide-eyed by unhurt.

1997 - Le Mans - Various incidents
Two hours in the race, there are some incidents happening: The Marcos Mantara LM600 (driven by Cor Euser, Harald Becker and Takashi Suzuki) is smoking badly on one side, it came to the pits and resumed. It is now smoking from both sides. An massive engine oil leak was the culprit later on The Société Pilot Racing Ferrari 333 SP by Michel Ferte suffers from a fuel line problem and struggles to get up along the Mulsanne Hump. Michel Ferte had run the Pilot Ferrari out of fuel, claiming the resrve tank had failed to function. The car was entually brought back to the pits. A scary moment for one of the Porsche 911 GT1s as it goes wide at Indianapolis and narrowly misses the wall. \it was Bob Wollek sending the leading car hard over high kerbing at Arnage. The Newscastle Utd sponsored Lister Storm GTL loses some pieces of its rear bodywork as it approaches the fast Porsche Curves, it would go back to the pits for repairs. The #23 Nissan R390 (driven by Kazuyoshi Hoshino, Eric Comas and Masahiko Kageyama) spins under pressure from a McLaren F1 GTR at the Arnage corner, thankfully it didn't come to grief and was able to rejoin into the race.