2000 Chrysler 300M Full Tour, Engine, and Running

The video is not as crisp as I would like but I had to convert the file from my sony handycam. My only video of my old chrysler I had back in high school, please refer to the introductory video for a much more detailed description on this car. The one thing that I wanted to point out is that this car had a full memphis sound system except for the sub which was taken out by the people that bought it and we repossessed it from, so I put a 12" Xplod in it in order to sell the car. Also another mod (for all you 300M lovers out there) I bought a set of tail lights from a 2002 300M and replaced them since they look sooo much betterThis is after I "restored" it back to life from the terrible shape that the people left it (again, refer to previous video!!!) Please rate this and feel free to comment :) this car is very personal to me so that's why it's taken me succcchhhhh a long time to upload it!

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