Super Tank 17,000ps

As my 200th video, I decided to post something different and surprising. I have seen F1 cars and Super GT cars. But this thing was a true monster in another way. It's got 17,000ps, goes 500km/h, and consumes 40L(10gallons) of jet fuel each time you see a back fire. [Specifications] - Vehicle Name: Secret Weapon - Race Category: BERC Drag Racing Championship - Max Output: 17,000ps - Engine: Westinghouse J34 (turbojet engine for US Air Force aircrafts) - Top Speed: 500km/h - Bodykit: Imitation of US M1 Battle Tank - Running Cost: 2,500,000JPY per run (approx.32,500USD)

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Monster Sport SX4 Hill-climb Special 2009
2009 winner of "Unlimited" division of Pikes Peak International Hill Climb race. Driver: Nobuhiro "MONSTER" Tajima Base Model: Suzuki SX4 Capacity: 2736cc Maximum horsepower: 885ps/8750rpm Maximum Torque: 90.5kg-m/6250rpm Gearbox: Sequential 6-speed Tire: Front/Rear: 285/60R18 FALKEN S/TZ04 Pikes Peak Special Dimentions: 5300mm x 1960mm (without front Canard) x 1500mm Weight: 1100kg Weight Distribution: Front: 53 / Rear: 47 (driver included)

SuperGT Aston Martin Race Car
A beautiful Super GT car in GT300 class. [Car Info] - Name: triple a Vantage GT2 - Base Model: Aston Martin V8 Vantage / V8 [Team Info] - Name: A speed - Director: Seguchi Yuichiro - Drivers: Hiroki Yoshimoto / Kazuki Hoshino - Website: (in Japanese) - Official Blog: (in Japanese)

Honda U3-X
A new personal mobility technology, Honda U3-X with the world's first drive system that enables movement in all directions. Honda says this technology is based on ASIMO, the humanoid robot. Press release on Sept. 2009, not for sale yet.... but I surely want one in the future.

Subaru BRZ Race Car (GT300)
Photos: [Race Info] - 2012 Super GT / GT300 class - Result: Rd.2 Fuji Speedway / 9th Position [Team Info] - Car Name: Subaru BRZ R&D Sport - Racing Team: R&D Sport - Engine Tuner: Subaru STI - Vehicle Maintenance: R&D Sport - Drivers: Tetsuya Yamano, Kota Sasaki [Car Info] - Vehicle Model: DBA-ZC6 - Size: 4,530 x 1,920mm (Height unknown) - Wheelbase: 2,630mm - Weight: 1,150kg - Engine Model: EJ20 - Engine Spec: Boxer Inline-4 turbo - Displacement: 1,994cc - Max horsepower: 350ps+ - Max Torque: 45kg-m+ [Official Website] *in Japanese - Subaru Motorsport: