World premiere Audi A7 Sportback First impressions and Statements

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2011 Audi A7 Sportback World Premier - Best of
Audi is targeting a new vehicle class with the A7 Sportback. The large, elegant five-door model combines the emotional character of a grand coupe, the comfort and prestige of a sedan and the active practicality of a station wagon. With its lightweight body, the powerful and efficient V6 engines, the sporty chassis and the advanced assistance and multimedia systems, it sets standards in many fields of technology. The Audi A7 Sportback will roll into dealerships in the fall, with prices starting at €51,650. more on

Он сделал Audi A7
Дизайном интерьера автомобиля Норберт Вебер занимался 16 лет в концерне BMW. И вот уже четыре года от Вебера зависит, как будет выглядеть внутренний вид Audi А7 - изящного, но мощного авто, недавно появившегося на рынке.

Audi A7 User Experience Review
What else can you expect from an Audi but luxurious interiors and creature comforts? Well, the A7 has a lot more going for it. Watch the video to know more and read the detailed road test on at - Want to know more about the Audi A7? Get all the information you need about the variants, features, technical specifications, reviews, news and on-road prices of the Audi A7 in your city on

Audi A7 Sportback
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