DOING DONUTS, Dodge Challenger RT on 24's/26's - 1080p HD

My homie's Black and Green 2011 Dodge Challenger R/T in Burger King parking lot, doing donuts like it's nothing! Also Hemi is a 6 speed, manual transmission so it's MOVING! Haha. Looks so clean doing a burn out. That hemi is no joke! Gotta love it! Repping Hometeam for sure!!

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Bubble on Forgi 26's, Mustang GT's on 24's, Box Chevy on 28's - 1080p HD
Video of all my homie's in Augusta one night! Hometeam repping still... Can see my Chevrolet Caprice, on the staggered brushed face Forgiato Curva 26's, my homies Candy Teal Ford Mustang GT on 24" Davin Pearl Floaters, my homies WHITE Ford Mustang GT lowered on 24's, and my homie's Red/Silver Chevrolet Caprice Box on 28" Diablo's. Too clean at night!

2011 Dodge Challenger R/T DOING DONUTS on 24's/26's, 6 Speed Manual - 1080p HD
My homie in his 2011 Dodge Challenger RT burning his 26" tires with no problems!! Doing donuts in the parking lot, with his 6 Speed stick shift transmission. That hemi is no joke!! At first, had a lil problem with the burn out but realized he had his traction control on, after that... Tires went to burning! Looking good. Did a slow motion of it at the end of the video. In Aiken, SC.

Dodge Challenger R/T on 24's/26's, NEW HOK Kameleon Stripes! - 1080p HD
My homie that had the black & green 2011 Dodge Challenger R/T on 24's/26's... Has changed up the paint job! Took off the original green R/T stripes, and added some custom House Of Kolor Kameleon Stripes, outlined with a reflective green stripe all over it!! Looked hella good!! Executed a different look, and came out well. Also, added some green Oracle Halo lights, and blacked out the wheels with the inserts painted chameleon. He was in Baton Rouge, LA for a while, and a shop named G Customs did all the work for him. And they did a DAMN good job on it!! It's definitely more appreciative in person!! And I gotta get a better video in the sunlight. It was very cloudy that day smh.. But, he had to switch it up for 2014. Enjoy the vid!

DUVAL BROS: Candy Green '73 Donk & '69 Electra 225 on 24" GOLD Daytons - 1080p HD
Whew!! Man these two old school convertibles were sooo nice. Met up with the homies out of Jacksonville, FL and got some NICE footage of their whips. A Candy Green 1973 Chevrolet Caprice Convertible Donk & a 1969 Buick Electra 225 Convertible both on Dayton 24's!! The Donk on ALL Gold 24" Daytons and the Electra 225 is on Chrome & Gold 24" Daytons. Two brothers riding some classics right here! So lovely. Separate videos of each car coming next!