Pontiac Tribute - When GM Built Excitement

A tribute to my favourite GM brand and its two best models - The Trans Am & Fiero Made for my school media project.

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A Tribute To The Third Generation TransAm
3rd gen

This is a video I made as a tribute to mid-engine car THE PONTIAC FIERO.

The Ultimate Fiero Tribute (500th Video Special)
This video was a request by AUSTiNo426, and I thought this was quite a good car to have as my 500th video. This is just a quick thanks to everyone who has supported my work from day one. Here is your reward! :)

出演してくださった、 >火の鳥さん '89 TRANSAM GTA Black with Food decal >こもらーさん '87 TRANSAM Black/Gold >ysz.さん '89 TRANSAM Blue/Silver >オヤジさん '90 TRANSAM GTA Black ありがとうございました☆ 今回はあまり撮れなかったので、またやりましょう!