Saturn SC SL SKY ION Racing Tribute

This is a little tribute to a, what I think, is a severely underrated machine. ENJOY!!! And dont forget to comment, subscribe, and rate!!

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I am Kyoya Ootori
A tribute to my Favorite Ouran High School Host Club character! Kyoya Otori. Putting the spotlight in what I think its the best from that character... His eyes!!! I wish mine looked like that!! xD

Saturn SC2
Owner: Clint Morrell - Video: DMC Photography 1997 Custom Saturn SC2

Want to race a Saturn?
My good friend was out one night having a hard time looking for a race in his 2006 Saturn Ion Red Line. Someone in a turbo Eclipse finally decided to race against him. And yes, the guy in the turbo Eclipse was giving it all he had, even with a head start. This video was produced by SLEEPYDUB for AuDUBahn Motorsports Gruppe. Created by Jacob Edwards.

turbo saturn vs. supra
4-door turbo saturn vs. supra