Old Time Racing (Part 1) - NASCAR at Peace Haven Speedway 1953-54

This 8mm film shows early NASCAR racing at Peace Haven Speedway, aka Winston-Salem Speedway on April 27, 1953 and April 19, 1954. Peace Haven Speedway was one of the first NASCAR tracks promoted by Bill France and Alvin Hawkins, with a date on the inaugural championship tour on Oct. 31, 1948. And with drivers like Curtis Turner and Fonty Flock, it held the record as the fastest half mile dirt track in NASCAR from 1948 to 1950, and again in 1952. The film consists of mixed clips from 1953 and '54 of the Modified Sportsman and Amateur divisions. Shorty York won the Modified Sportsman feature in the 1953 race while Joe Kirby won the Amateur feature after Ralph Harpe was disqualified. Ted Swaim driving the J.S. Pope #99 won the Modified Sportsman feature in '54, with Whitey Norman winning the Amateur feature after starting at the end of the field. Drivers in this (Part 1) footage include - Shorty York #111 (winner '53) Ted Swaim #99 (winner '54) Curtis Turner #14 Ned Jarrett #38 Glen Wood #22 Bill Myers #4 (coach model in '53 clips - coupe model in '54 clips) Bobby Myers #1 in '53, #6A in '54 Wendell Scott #11 Pee Wee Jones #9 Jim Paschal #80 Slim Rominger #48 Perk Brown #0 Brice "Spider" Stultz (#24 in '53 clips - #24x in '54 clips) Chicken Boggs #18 Jr. Also in these races - Whitey Norman, Ralph Harpe, Bill Widenhouse, Sandy Lynch, James Stultz, Robert Barrier, Charles Woosley, Toots Jenkins, Bob DeHart, Ralph Ligouri, E.H. Weddle, Carl Burris, Gwyn Staley, Johnny Dodson, Speedy Thompson, Burley Myers, Fuzzy Clifton, Lester Willard, Johnny Capps, Joe Kirby, Ray Shores, Don Willis, Barry Boyd, Peanut Brown, Tommy Tuttle, and many more. There are two parts to this film - Part 1 is all Peace Haven Speedway (10:23). Part 2 is a short clip of Peace Haven Speedway (:26), a short clip of motorcycles at the Dixie Classic Fairgrounds in Winston-Salem (:22), a long clip of Bowman Gray Stadium (4:35), and a long clip of exotic car racing at Virginia International Raceway (7:58).

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SONG "TOO YOUNG TO DIE " by Jimmy Webb © 1989 White Oak Songs ASCAP additional Long Island reference lyrics by Ken Spooner this a fun pictorial of racing on long island with a great song to listen too please check out http://www.spoonercentral.com/knapp.shtml for more Long Island history and for some great long island history check the The Himes Museum of Motor Racing Nostalgia| http://www.thehimesmuseum.com/ thanks too all that where in this video and made and took these great photos I really hope you enjoy the music and this wonderful song ! Photos in order of appearance Jack Rutigliano in his '57 Ford Ken Spooner's models & book Long Ride On A Short Track Kenny Joseph aka Ken Spooner 1956 BOCES Auto Mechanics Class in Bellport 1962 The Continentals @ Palm Terrace Riverhead 1964 Adolph Almasy, Doug Percoco, Ken Joseph at the start of Beatlemania playing for William Floyd School Sweetheart Ball Feb. 1964 THE STRANGERS Ken Joseph leaning on his street rod, Patchogue 1965 Route 27 Sunrise Highway " " Islip Speedway Sign Sunrise in Sayville Freeport Speedway Sign @ Himes Museum Diorama of Ken Joseph's race rig Mastic Beach 1964 Model of Ken Spooner's race car with Long Ride mug Models of Ace Of Spades, Flying A, Root Beer Special & Ken Spooner's Sedan Axel Anderson's '37 Plymouth, the 590 Turn 4 Riverhead Raceway Driving Axel's 590 in 1997 590 Again 590 & Marty Himes' 250 Charlie Jarzombek's 36 Chevy Offset Mod & 590 Entering the track in the 590, Ken Spooner driving Loading 590 @ Himes Museum Marty Himes & 590 going on the trailer Jack Bagshaw's 7-11 Charlie Jarzombek's #1, Harold Seaman climbing in Riverhead Track Marty Himes at the wheel of his 250 250 in the pits 250 In Bayshore Parade Lap Ace Of Spades " " Geoff Bodine's Red #1 Jarzombek Vega Mod Marty Himes, Jimmy Malone, Ken Spooner Ken Spooner & Marty Himes Steve Park The X-3 Vega of Jim Hendrickson Bobby Punzi, mechanic of the X-3 Ken Spooner with model & his real car Axel's Root Beer Special toy " " Flying A & Root Beer Special custom concession toys Axel's 15 circa 1956 " " Islip Speedway 1958 Axel at Daytona 1958 with Ed Hawkins Charlie Jarzombek 1967 Decal Islip Speedway 1964 Wide World Of Sports Dexter Park 1951 "New Car Race" Islip Speedway 1962 Al DeAngelo 1959 Mary Himes circa 1960 Jimmy "The Fling Farmer" Malone 1965 Gentleman Jim Hendrickson's 1970's Freeport Action Mousey Kempster's Coach Jim Hendrickson's Mustang ISLIP Axel Anderson 1961 ISLIP SPEEDWAY BOBBY ALLISON # 2 NASCAR GRAND NATIONALS @ ISLIP circa 1964 Larry Mendelsohn & Bobby Allison Johnny Rocco Johnny Rocco in Florida Axel in Root Beer Special 1959 Ken Joseph's Sedan Freeport Action Bill Spade @ Freeport Tommy Washburn in the Dime Fred Harbach Young Fred Harbach The Flying Dutchman Myke Collins Flagman @ Freeport Dale @ Daytona 1995

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