Grudge Busa 1000 shootout Piedmont Dragway 4-26

Settling the score on who has the fastest busa/1000 at Piedmont Dragway. Track put up 1000.00 per race won.

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Piedmont GrudgeFest II 2K8

Straight off the Damn Truck Big Money Bike Grudge Run
Straight off the Truck Grudge Bike Run from Rockingham, NC June 19th for Poor Boy Racing Grudge Fest. Petey, one of the female grudge racing champions returns. Bike Paparazzi's third bikini grudge bike shoot with model, LeTesha Fields. Some of the best baptizing talk in the bike grudge racing game today. Return of the Hatorade. Looney Tune grudge bike owner goes off. Wings vs Caleb McDougald. Poor Boy Racing Grudge Bikes, a NO-SHOW after calling Carolina out on the last video (Bike Paparazzi would like to extend a sincere apology for the lameness).

13 Year Old Grudge Racer vs. Babyface Killah!
This past weekend T.T. Jones' Two Wheel Sunday offered a $20,000 purse (the largest in ProMod class history). In the meantime a 13 year-old, rookie on a stretched out Busa (with a little something extra added) stole the show when he outran the legendary Babyface Killa! Special thanks to our newest sponsor "".

No Mercy motorcycle Gudge Fest
No Mercy Motorcycle Grudge Fest