DCR Stage 3R w/ Auto Transmission

2003 DCR SRT-4: DCR 2.6 Stroker, DCR Pro Head, DCR Pro Intake, DCR 51 lb. Stage 3R turbo, DCR Auto Tranny, DCR Tuned AEM EMS. Fully dressed street SRT-4 owned by Ed Bradley making 500 WHP through an auto tranny with no Nitrous.

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SRT4 foot brake test with auto tranny.
Holding the brake to prevent the car from moving forward. At the same time flooring the gas pedal to try and get the turbo to spool up. turbo had a hard time spooling, only way was if I let off the brake a bit, then rpms would come up a little bit, but still not enough for a hard launch.

Red Sled Almost Sets Record & Almost Wrecks

DSC Racing/ DCR Twin Turbo HotRod Srt-4
First Dyno session of the HotRod twin turbo setup.

SRT4 Burn out with DCR 2.6 DCR 3speed auto and a Borgwarner 66mm turbo
Just picked up my car from the shop. Its got a fresh break in tune on it, one of the guys that works there said I cant leave without doing a burn out. So I done did it! lol Coulda gone longer but there was a speed bump.