Rocky the double banger

OL mate charlie doin a meaty as 3rd gear liney in rusty at the 4 and Rota show. Still gotta work on those entries if ya want to hit like little johny..

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MADWGN Morrinsville Burnouts 2011
RX323 with side pipes skid.. Went all good but forgot to watch the temp gauge

rx323 skid rota nats 2013

Summer Drags 2010
Loads of awesome Rotors

A Day In The Office With Prince Charles
2010 and 2011 Morrinsville rotary burnout winner Prince Charles of D-Town, Loads up those back tires and hits it like little johnny... Even finds a bit of time pre burnout to creep on some under age girls!! Sorry bout the shitty quality, dont know how i ended up saving it like that??