On the final race day of the ITM Hamilton400 2010 my friend Pepper done a burnout in his Mitsi L300 van right in the middle of the curcuit causing the race to slow down and safety cars to come out because of the smoke drifting over the track. Nice one idiot! But it was a pretty mean skid anyway, so here it is.... Enjoy!

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$200 l300 van dewin a phat skid........ after this skid the back mudflaps were on fire....

Monkey Gum - Yalwal PART 2 L300 vans, Iveco EarthCruiser & a stock Landcruiser
This epic trip is well known to be fairly hard. We just had to try it out. And it certainly proved to be challenging for our little group: Two Mitsubishi L300 4WD vans with diff locks, the mighty Iveco EarthCruiser weighing (weighing 5.5 t with 300 l of water and 300 l diesel) and a Toyota Landcruiser with road tyres, which is stock standard apart from the alloy bull bar. The driver of the Landcruiser stayed cheerful all the way while having her first day of offroading. Can you pick the real hero of today? If you like the L300 vans please subscribe to my channel (Martin VanMan) as there are more than 150 editted videos and many more to come. They are getting wilder too! For more information about the EarthCruiser check out or see the latest updates at See you at the tracks or maybe join us at the Mitsubishi L300 Offroad group.

Weekend Ride 2
This video was made by a friend of mine, who actually owns and drives that Delica.