Remembering 2011 - With Awesome Cars and People

Here's our last video of 2011 featuring all of the best shots, scenes, and cars from this past year. Some of the footage will look familiar, some of it will be all new, but all of these clips put a smile on our face and we hope they do the same for you. We wish all of our viewers, subscribers, and supporters a happy holiday season, a happy healthy new year, and we will be releasing new footage January 2012. Stay tuned for more. The Car Life on Facebook: The Car Life on Twitter: The Car Life on Razzi:

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1970 Chevy Nova "NOTORIOUS" ProCharged 572 w/ over 1000hp DSE Suspension Finishline Transmission One-off Billet Specialties Wheels Recovery Room interior

wannabe smoke show fail
This was at a car meet that went bad (people doing burnout all night long) then a cop showed up with a nice timing....

New Haven street racing 2011
LCS: New Haven Street Races

Cars Are Awesome Compilation Part 1
I have had a bunch of small videos for some time now. They never really were good enough to be put on Youtube alone, so I put them together. Here is a compilation of videos I've taken over the course of 2012.