Supercharged NSX Drag Racing

DtRockstar1 records a fast Supercharged Acura NSX racing down the drag strip. You'll see many different angles from the GoPro and other shots. The sound from the external mic is just awesome. This car has a stock engine tuned by Lovefab and has a Supercharger. Facebook - Blog -​m/ Twitter:!/DtRockstar1

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Honda NSX Twin Turbo vs Porsche 911 Turbo S
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Ferrari Testarossa vs NSX
Testarossa and NSX battle it out on the drag strip and around Tsukuba. Old footage from Best Motoring. Skip to 2:20 for quarter mile race and 3:22 for the race around Tsukuba.

NSX's Engine Sound
Facebook: c_for=512448525588780 _____________________ The cars from NSX's Gone Wild. White - Comptech Supercharged - GTone F1 v5.1 Exhaust 0:09, 4:11 See more of this car: annotation_id=annotation_1613229291 Yellow - Comptech Supercharged 0:25, 3:01 Silver - Comptech Supercharged 0:48, 2:40 Black/black wheels - Procharged 2:22 Red - N/A1 - GTone F1 v 5.1 Exhaust 1:45, 3:47 Yellow - N/A2 1:04, 3:25 Black/white wheels - N/A2 2:10 Black/gold wheels - N/A1 1:27 Production team: Patton Tran JamesN Brian Nguyen Philipe Bunuelos

Acura NSX vs Nissan 300ZX
Naturally Aspirated 300ZX (Z32) with bolt ons. IG: @byronz32