Toyota Camry V6 vs Ford Focus ST (Orange) - Drag Race 2009 II

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Toyota Camry Racing The Streets of Willow This Is Crazy
2011 Toyota Camry V6 SE Racing The Streets of Willow *Note this is my daily driver I took out to show it doesn't matter what car you have.* This was the final run of the day. I pass 5 cars in less than 9 mins. Tires gone, brakes gone and when I mean tires gone I actually had tread separate after this session. You can hear my drivers side tire literally coming apart. Best comment below -"Dude i saw you out there That was crazy you were eating up porsche's like it was nothing."

2007 Camry SE V6 vs 2008 WRX
Me racing tophats WRX 2007 Camry SE V6 with custom axle back Exhaust and TRD 18" rims:13.970@99.66mph 2008 WRX Sedan with custom Exhaust and k&n filter: 14.343@94.19mph

Hard to pull a hill in the sand. When you do not air down. Response Video link that explains whats wrong in this Video.

Opel Omega kompressor 3.0V6 vs Vectra OPC, Toyota Camry 3.5V6, Vectra 3.2V6
Все авто кроме Камри с механическими КПП. Реально зачет Камри - прет!!!!! Жесть!!!! Омега хоть и вырывает победу у нее, но с трудом... Однако, если поставить на Омегу легкие диски и резину 205/65Р15....то отрыв от Камри минимум удвоится, т.к. разница в весе между 235/45Р17 и 205/65Р15 около 5кг на колесе в сборе!!!