544whp Plymouth Laser speedo view of a dyno pull

Took Wilder Garriga's stock motor/head gasket 35R powered Laser AWD back to the Dyno for some tuning on the new cams and dual pump setup. Only changes was adding a 2nd Walbro 255HP pump and dropping in HKS 272 cams with Crower single springs and retainers. Boost was left the same at 30psi for both Dyno sessions. Massive gains for just some cams and tuning heh? Car picked up 75whp and 64 ft-lbs of torque with uncorrected #'s. Picked up 73whp and 61 ft-lbs of torque with SAE corrected #'s. SAE corrected Dyno sheet attached, uncorrected #'s were 558.77whp and 435.03 ft-lbs of torque.

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10 Second Plymouth Laser Turbo on Hoosiers! Kyle Cimbron 10.60 @ 132mph
1g awd DSM Drag Race Kyle Cimbron running a new best 10.60 @ 132mph on DOT Street Legal Hoosiers in his mint condition 1g Plymouth Laser RS. After running some high 10's on pump gas he dumped in a few gallons of C16 and made some more power. Took 2nd place in the Pro Shootout class at New England Dragway's Import Wars. Car info:turbo is a FP3565 (old school Non HTA 35R in FP's bolt on housing) Quartermaster Twin Disc, FIC 950's. 37psi Boost, 1/4 tank pump gas with 2 gallons of C16. www.uRaceIfilm.com - Drag Race Videos New England DSM New England Dragway Epping, NH 9/8/13

Тест-драйв Митсубиси Эклипс/Mitsubishi Eclipse
Читайте все подробности, на нашем портале: http://autoritet.com/avtolikbez-sergeja-zhebalenko-mitsubisi-eklips-mitsubi shi-eclipse-test-drajv/1140/ Первое его поколение появилось в 1989 году. Он был предназначен, в первую очередь, для североамериканского рынка и изготовлялся в США на совместном предприятии тогдашнего альянса Mitsubishi и Chrysler Group: появились сразу трое братьев-близнецов: собственно Eclipse, а также Chrysler EagleTalon и Plymouth Lazer. В 1995 вышло второе поколение, и автомобиль был полностью переделан, в 1999 году он пережил свое третье рождение, а у нас на тесте модель самого первого поколения, 1994 года выпуска -- раритет!

CJuice Plymouth Laser Test Pull..........

My 92 Plymouth Laser RS AWD Walkaround
I was taking advantage of the beginning of nice weather here in Ohio. I decided to make a vid using my Samsung Rouge. That's what it is. I used to have a glyde now I have a rouge. lol. Enjoy!