Peugeot 205 at a national italian race 2011 Part2

Here drives a Peugeot 205 or 105 Gti at a Hill Climb Slalom in italy very fast

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Peugeot special @ Swiss Hillclimb 2012. Very fast and strong modified cars 309 INSANE 205 106
Tribute to our Peugeot special car Drivers at Swiss Hillclimb 2012 which was present on at least one of the following Events: Slalom Frauenfeld Slalom Saanen Slalom Interlaken Slalom Chamblon Hillclimb Reitnau Hillclimb Ayent - Anzère Hillclimb St-Ursanne - Les Rangiers Hillclimb Oberhallau Hillclimb Massongex Hillclimb Gurnigel Hilllclimb Châtel-St-Denis - Les Paccots Hillclimb Hemberg

Death of Diesel Engines BMW vs. Land Rover vs. Renault vs. Peugeot vs. Nissan
Diesel goes into the dressing more often by falling oil into the cylinders. This usually occurs due to a faulty turbine. Saving the engine can only be blocking the access of air... Visit our new website and leave your advert for free!

On-board Eugenio Fernandez "Efi" - Peugeot 205 Maxi HD PURE SOUND - VI TC en Subida a El Vellón Peugeot 205 Maxi, Efi, Subida a El Vellón 2013

Peugeot 205 at a national italian race 2011
a fast peugeot 205 or a 105 dont know on the racetrack not in argentinia but very cool