Peugeot 205 at a national italian race 2011 Part2

Here drives a Peugeot 205 or 105 Gti at a Hill Climb Slalom in italy very fast

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Peugeot special @ Swiss Hillclimb 2012. Very fast and strong modified cars 309 INSANE 205 106
Tribute to our Peugeot special car Drivers at Swiss Hillclimb 2012 which was present on at least one of the following Events: Slalom Frauenfeld Slalom Saanen Slalom Interlaken Slalom Chamblon Hillclimb Reitnau Hillclimb Ayent - Anzère Hillclimb St-Ursanne - Les Rangiers Hillclimb Oberhallau Hillclimb Massongex Hillclimb Gurnigel Hilllclimb Châtel-St-Denis - Les Paccots Hillclimb Hemberg

Fiat 127 - Supra und Porsche killer
This Fiat 127 has a extraordinary Air Intake :D And the accellerarion and handling was very good. On racetrack the car beats some Toyota Supra and a Ferrari Testarossa and a Lamborghini Aventador. the car was really quick. see my other videos from the fiat x1/9 called fastest hillclimb car of the world and my other drift videos I have here. The race was not part from the Berg Cup Series and was not at the races in European Hill Race Eschdorf or in eschdorf or Homburg or Oberhallau or Glasbach or Unterfranken or Mickhausen or St. Agatha or Osnabrücker or Osnabrück or in Wolsfelder it was only a race in italy and I even don't know the real name of the place - and how the region was called.

On-board Eugenio Fernandez "Efi" - Peugeot 205 Maxi HD PURE SOUND - VI TC en Subida a El Vellón Peugeot 205 Maxi, Efi, Subida a El Vellón 2013

A1 1.4 TFSI 185 vs 205 GTI 1.9 130 @ 180 (SWAP TCT) - Départ Lancé
Piste de RUN à Clastres, "Dragway" Le 25 septembre 2016 Piste sèche, temps couvert avec éclaircies Température extérieure : 21 degrés Démarrage en 2 à 50 klm/h - Départ Lancé Audi A1 185 TFSI : 185 cv Couple : 250 nm Poids à vide : 1190 kg (caisse vidée -22 kilos) + 1 passager Modifs : Suppression intermédiaire + silencieux AR Vitesse radar : 185 klm/h Peaugeot 205 GTI : 130 cv @ 180 Couple : 165 nm @ 250 nm Poids à vide : 850 kg + 1 passager Modifs: SWAP TCT, 0,8 barre en T25 stock, Ligne Groupe A, Pompe HD Walbro, Boîte 1l9, Wastegate DCi Vitesse Radar : 193,6 klm/h Caméra 1 et 2 : Go Pro Hero 4 Black (1080p 60 fps) Page facebook :