Stock LS1 with Flowmaster

Stock Ls1 with flowmaster muffler. Revs up to about 4500rpm

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flowmaster 80 series dual exhaust on camaro z28 ls1
made so people can get an idea of what they would sound like to help them make there decision wen looking to buy one car is pretty stock except for k&n intake kit and 80 series flowmasters..would sound alot better if it had some LT headers! ill be getting those pretty soon!

Firebird Flowmaster Exhaust
THIS VIDEO IS OLD ALREADY -Please check out my new one My V6 Bird' with custom dual flowmaster Exhaust :)

2000 z28 camaro stock with flowmaster exhaust.
i just got this z28 a couple weeks ago, it has a completely stock ls1. all i have on it performance wise is flow master Exhaust. it sounds pretty good (better in person) but im just leaving them on here until i can afford the full slp loudmouth Exhaust setup.!!

1999 Firebird Firehawk 80 Series Flowmaster
LS1 Firebird. Flowmaster 80 series catback system with the stock manifolds and cats. Not sure why it sounds a little muffled. I'll have to try and get a better video soon.