Brake Boosting 1993.5 Single Turbo Supra

1993.5 67mm Single turbo 6-Speed Supra Brake Boosting. The video says 1994 but it is actually a 1993.5

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700 HP Mk4 JDM Toyota Supra | Friendly Rivalries
Marcus goes for a drive in a JDM mk4 Supra turbo from Japan, and surprise surprise, he loves it. Alex has built this car to be the ultimate in usable performance while still being able to compete with some of the best. With 600 WHP (700 at the crank), it's an exciting car to drive at any speed, racing or not. SUBSCRIBE for new videos every Tuesday and Thursday! New videos, photos, articles, driving routes, and more at Follow us! [FACEBOOK] [INSTAGRAM] RoadsUntraveled [TWITTER] Listen to the Roads Untraveled podcast every Monday on iTunes, ShoutEngine, and Stitcher!

My 1998 Supra Story
19,000 miles on the clock, this car is a little out of my wheel house. Let me show you the history of the car from when I bought it to present day. Next move for this car is to likely sell it at a collector car auction, you can follow along with the process and see what goes into prepping and selling a collector car. My driving of this car has totaled roughly a few hundred miles over 7 years of care taking. To answer your question now, I will be replacing it with a higher mileage driver supra. For DVDs and Merchandise Vimeo Downloads and Rentals Facebook Instagram - robferretti Twitter - @robferretti

GT1R Brake Boost Kit Demonstration
This video demonstrates how the GT1R Brake Boost Kit works on the R35 GTR. The objective of brake Boosting is to allow the engine to build Boost while holding vehicle speed steady. This comes in handy if you wanted to race someone from a 'roll' (on a closed course like the Texas Invitational event of course). As you are preparing to race, with the transmission in manual, get the car in whatever gear you want to race from and hold the 'off' button on the remote. While this button is held, you can go full throttle and modulate the brake pedal to regulate vehicle speed. When you let off the brake the car instantly leaves with full Boost. Once you're off the brake you no longer have to hold the 'off' button. The bigger and less responsive your turbos are, the more of a difference this makes. Installation of this kit takes less than 30 minutes and requires no permanent modifications to the vehicle, it's a 'plug and play' kit. Visit to purchase.

Srt4 brake boost
Brake Boosting