Panoz Esperante GT1

I film another one of Panoz's insane creations: the Esperante GT1. Apparently only 2 of these monstrous machines exist, and this example is finished in an awesome chameleon paint job. Unfortunately I didn't get any shots of the GTR-1 race car behind it, but maybe next year. ;) Filmed at the 2010 Petit Le Mans racing weekend at Road Atlanta...

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Panoz Esperante by Akasia
Indonesian modificators...please enjoy...

The sound of Panoz(Le mans car)
Recorded at Kirke vaerloese airstrip

1997 Panoz Esperante GTR1 (outside)
This is the only "road version" of the Panoz Esperante GTR1. It used to have traditional Chameleon paint but now it has nontraditional Chameleon paint. Its street legal to an extent (dealer plate) and this is the first time I saw it in natural light. The engine is still elusive to me though, as far as getting shots of it (video or pictures). The sun light wasn't really ever good on the front of this (it honestly needed to be rotated 180 degrees for the day) but it was not toooo bad. Its at the 1st Atlanta Concours d'Elegance and if you made it this far, enjoy! PS- that v8 sound in the video was of a Panoz Esperante (standard body) race car, not the sound of this GTR1.

Awesome Kit-Car accelerate! at PETROL STATION!!!!!
an amazing panoz roadster S at a petrol station in the UK this is the first ever Panoz i have ever seen, please comment below what you think of it