Federal Signal Aerodynic Lightbar ( Dukes of Hazzard style)

My Aerodynic Dukes of hazzard Style Aerodynic Lightbar video before Restoration

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me in my friends rosco car at dukesfest hes from NJ
me in my friends rosco cars i loved it

9C1 Caprice in Budapest in Hungary & Aerodynic 24E lightbar
My Caprice is my little toy.

authentic and fully restored lapd federal signal aerodynic lightbar...i have the alley lights and the other foot for the bar, took them off to compound the domes. this model originally had the center chrome speaker section but was retrofitted by the lapd shop to all light

Federal Signal Unitrol Touchmaster
A demo video of the Federal Signal Unitrol Touchmaster's basic siren tones which include wail, yelp, hetero, and ultra hi-lo. This unit is wired to a 100 watt DynaMax/ES100 speaker made by Federal Signal. This is my personal unit and it is NOT FOR SALE.