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Federal Signal Aerodynic Lightbar ( Dukes of Hazzard style)

My Aerodynic Dukes of hazzard Style Aerodynic Lightbar video before Restoration


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Federal Signal Vama LM500 - eLightbars.pl
Serdeczne podziękowania dla firmy TRANSMED www.federal.pl za udostępnienie sprzętu do testów. www.eLightbars.pl Lampa ostrzegawcza produkcji Federal Signal Vama model LM 500 (ref.2003022). Lampa pojedyncza z głośnikiem mocowana magnetycznie. Mocowanie magnetyczne pozwala utrzymać się lampię do prędkości 200km/h Dane techniczne: Zasilanie:12V Pobór prądu: 0.6A (patern 0 błysk całkowity) 0.8A (patern 1 symulacja lampy obrotowej) Pobór prądu syreny: 3A Moc syreny:30W Waga:2.28 kg Ilość modulacji: 13 _______________________________________________ ENGLISH Emergency light beacon Federal Signal Vama model LM500 (ref.2003022). LED Beacon and compact siren with magnetic mount. MAXIMUM speed of use 200 km/h ( 124 mph). SPECYFICATION Voltage: 12V, Light current consumption: 0.8A (rotating patern) 0.6A (flash), Siren current consumption: 3A Siren output power: 30W Weight: 2.28 kg (5 lbs) Dystrybutor: www.federal.pl

Federal Signal Mini Siren MS4000

Federal Signal Vision SLR Lightbar Flash Patterns
Redesigned from the inside out, experience the new Vision® SLR from Federal Signal. It is obvious as soon as you see the Vision SLR that it was engineered for safety. The distinct non-linear shape and exclusive Solaris SLR (Solaris LED Rotating Reflector) provide a maximum of 360-degrees of light output not achieved by a linear lightbar. Vision SLR maximizes light output to help clear the roadway in critical traffic intersections. Proudly made in University Park, IL Vision SLR webpage: http://www.fedsig.com/products/296/vision_slr_lightbar Configure your Vision SLR lightbar today: http://config.fedsig.com/lightbar/

Federal Signal 4 siren tones
The FS smart system only allows the use of 3 out of 4 tones at at iem. You have to program the unit for the 4th tone

9C1 Caprice in Budapest in Hungary & Aerodynic 24E lightbar
My Caprice is my little toy.

Federal Signal Valor Lightbar - for officers who rank safety as their top priority.
Valor Lightbar webpage: http://www.fedsig.com/products/297/valor_Lightbar For officers that rank safety as a top priority and desire a low profile appearance, the Valor™ delivers. Valor's distinct non-linear shape and Solaris LED reflector design provide 360-degrees of light output and off-axis lighting at the critical intersection points. This low-profile lightbar is engineered to outperform at critical 45-degree and 90-degree angles necessary for intersection clearing. Built with Federal Signal's Solaris® LED reflector technology, Valor maximizes powerful LEDs for superior light performance. Federal Signal also introduces the SpectraLux™ multicolor LED technology. SpectraLux technology provides the ability to change LED colors for combinations of Amber, Blue, Red or White. With this technology, the lightbar features an optional built-in SignalMaster™ capability for directional traffic. In all white, SpectraLux provides produces an impressive floodlight to illuminate a scene. The Valor lightbar stands only two inches tall, but is unmatched in light performance compared to other low-profile linear lightbars. To experience the Valor, visit http://www.fedsig.com or contact your sales representative today.

saison 2 - Federal Signal Chevrolet caprice + aerodynic
the chevrolet caprice with aerodynic.

Federal Signal Smart Siren 2000SM
A quick Demo of the Smart Siren I got a while back. Ill add more details later. Off to bed!

911EP 360 Star LED beacon
360 Star LED Beacon Red / Blue Split

Code 3 Dodge Journey
Dodge Journey featuring: Sirennet 6 LED Economy Lighthead, http://sirennet.com/snsml26.html Code 3 6-Pack LED Hide-A-Blast, http://www.sirennet.com/c3hb6pak.html Code 3 LED Visor Flip Light, http://sirennet.com/c3vfp36.html Code 3 T-Rex exterior LED light Code 3 2100TR Series Lightbar Code 3 2700TR Series Lightbar Code 3 Defender Lightbar, http://sirennet.com/c3df.html

Aerodynic Rosco Lightbar
This is a Federal signal Aerodynic lightbar,modell 24 EA,red and blue.12v 6x 35 watt bulb,2 front light 2 rear flasher,2 alley light.

Hazzard Police
anything to do with the Dukes of hazzard and mopars

Federal Signal AeroDynic amber lightbar
Video of a vintage Federal Signal AeroDynic amber lightbar with the one motor and gears. This is the halogen model and the rear of the bar rotates in a right to left pattern. So the front it is left to right. This is not the special arrow AeroDynic model with the reversable motor, but wish it was. Model 25 series A1 and I bought it in near mint condition as it shows in the video. Music: Unknown artist - Defunct band from the 90s

saison 3 - Aerodynic Federal Signal lightbar SMTS
its aerodynic 6 rotators of me and my friend thomas, it is a lightbar for fire or EMS, red/red its very exeptional lightbar the model date of 1984 ! Plese, look this vidéo of my lightbar friend : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GJEv8K0FjJI&feature=plcp

Federal Signal Unitrol Omega 8001 Siren Demo
Federal Signal Unitrol Omega 8001 Siren Demonstration video. Sweep tones, Wail, Yelp, etc.

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