NASCAR HOF (2010) Dale Earnhardt Sr.

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NASCAR Hall of Fame Induction: Dale Earnhardt
Dale Jr. and family honor Dale Earnhardt with his induction to the Hall of Fame.

Dale Earnhardt, Sr. Fights, Arguments and Temper
They didn't call him The Intimidator for nothing. Footage is owned by: NASCAR, ESPN/ABC, TBS, IROC and Fox Sports. Footage was originally uploaded by: Rhodes Berry, cubs604, Jacob Hernandez, OldSchoolNascar, Mike S, mdp4499, Battalionfan888, SKracing, NASCAR, armonsol, dobmembersclub, VIPLex, bpar73 and BestMotorsportFan.

FULL Ralph Dale Earnhardt , Sr. Fatal Crash

CBS Dale Earnhardt Interview
During the pre-race for the 1997 Diehard 500 at Talladega, Ned Jarrett interviews Dale Earnhardt while Dick Bergren introduces his crew