450PROでのオートロ訓練。中々実機のようにカッコよく決まりません。 撮影 : ドラえもんさん

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Vario EC 135 PHT 3 Startup and flight
Startup and flight of a Jetcat PHT 3 turbine powered 1:6 scale Eurocopter EC 135 helicopter. For more videos of flights with this helicopter check out my channel! Setup: Vario 1:6 scale Eurocopter EC 135 Vario Fenestron Jetcat PHT 3 Turbine mechanics Futaba transmitter and receiver/servo´s Fuelcapacity 2,5 liters Startweight approx 14 kg Scale items Vario and FinescaleModela

T-Rex 450 Pro 3GX V3 - My First Flight
Cant stop wowing at the bird!

Fataler Crash mit dem T-Rex 450 Pro von Align
Link: http://www.heliernst.de

First9Tries to fly a Mosquito Ultralight Helicopter, GB103
After 10 hours of dual training in an R22, I try my new Ultralight Helicopter. The last clip (#9) was almost a DR (Dynamic Rollover). I did this 2 years ago and did not understand the danger or causes of DR, or how to avoid DR, or what to do when DR is happening. So lucky to instinctively lower the collective, ha, - wait, not luck, FEAR! Respect the danger.