450PROでのオートロ訓練。中々実機のようにカッコよく決まりません。 撮影 : ドラえもんさん

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T-REX600E PRO 2200rpm testing

450 Autorotation fun
Stupidity at its best but we have loads of fun.

Zero-Speed Autorotation with 360 degree turn
This is a reference video of unedited footage from inside the cockpit during zero-speed autorotations in an R22 helicopter. This maneuver itself is not required for Private or Commercial ratings, but maybe considered for 'Enhanced training in autorotation procedures' under SFAR 73, especially for a CFI SFAR 73 checkride. Otherwise it is good training to help a student become more confident and accomplished in autorotations generally and serves a real world purpose for possible engine failure in an out of ground effect hover over an confined area. Thanks to Aaron by Helicopter Training Videos www.HelicopterTrainingVideos.com We welcome questions, corrections and suggestions. Subscribe for more videos as they are produced and visit our Facebook page: www.facebook.com/HelicopterTrainingVideos

Fataler Crash mit dem T-Rex 450 Pro von Align
Link: http://www.heliernst.de