TX2K11 Street action

Tx2k11, Str8, Supra, Vette Z06, C6, 2011 5.0 Mustang

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Supercharged Challenger SRT8 vs 530 RWHP Corvette z06 in half mile
Team Spankin Time (Spankin Time Motorsports tuned Challenger) vs 530 RWHP Corvette Z06 Go like our facebook page to see more of the Challenger www.facebook.com/teamspankintime Special props to SCCM ( SoCal Car Meets), go like their facebook page!

tx2k11 supra meet compilation!!
a compilation of some stuff that happened over the weekend during tx2k11 supra meet in houston!!! Dyno day, mexico, and track day!! sorry if the video is crappy quality, may upload in better quality soon if file isnt too big.

supra mkiv project (Teaser) Part 1
this is part 1 of our project on 94 mkiv supra with a single turbo gt42 1000cc injectors 272 BC cams AEM v2 with map sins(5bar) big thanx to Hussain Essa almarhoon ( the owner of MAX Boost garage) and every one who put his hand in this car 2JZ-KINGS Music : anno domini beats _Promise_Me

TX2k11 compilation video
Great HD compilation video of the TX2k11 supra meet shot and edited by Shedrick Mask.